Pour a glass of excellent styrian wine.
Experience the “bee year” with a steel.
See the honey park and look in the bee beekeeping.

What is included?

TASTING You receive a chipped glass that you remember. It includes six tastings of 0.5dcl of wine (a total of 3dcl) from eight wine samples. A juice glass is also available, which includes two fillings of 2 dcl of organic juices each.

BEE FLIGHT Take the longest two-way steel cable, which illustrates the “flight of a bee from hive to forest” and “from forest to hive”. The total length of the adrenaline ride is 340 meters. Look down and fly over the honey plants that form colorful patterns of nature. Bees fly from the hive a few hundred meters, but can also be up to 5km away. And if the bees reach an average speed of 24 km / h, you will reach up to 40 km / h during your flight. In the air, bees are guided by their amazing sense of orientation and information from the environment. Your safety in the air will be ensured by safety equipment and trained personnel.

HONEY PARK Take a look at the honey park, where 9500 Slovenian honey plants are planted. Take a look at the permaculture garden, the herb plantation, the labyrinth of blackberries and the apiary, where we can observe the flight of bees into the hive from the inside.



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