Top Destinations

Top Destinations

Package 1

od 32€

Experience a “bee flight” with a steel cable, see the honey park and peek into the beehive.

Package 2

od 130€

Beeland Skok Mozirje is the perfect place for all who want differentness, comfort and coexistence with nature. 

Package 3

od 37€

Our offer includes a range of delicious culinary delicacies, set in a beautiful ambience, where the pleasant atmosphere is the highlight for all who appreciate home-made.

Package 4

od 103€

Excellent food, friendly service, pleasant ambience and prekmurje hospitality.

Package 5

od 120€

8 cozy Slovenian houses are nested in a superb location, not far from the greatest Slovenian jewel, Lake Bled, and in the midst of green spruce forest and blue Sava river.

Package 6

od 30€

At the family farm, we take care of all the steps from the field to the plate, and we offer our guests an unforgettable experience of Prekmurje cuisine.

Package 7

od 46€

The newly renovated barn is designed to enjoy good home lunch and birthday parties, business meetings and promotional events.

Package 8

od 130€

The holiday bungalows »Čarna« are situated in the idyllic and calm surroundings of the hilly part of Prekmurje, called Goričko.

Package 9

od 100€

Surround yourself with nature’s luxury. You’ve come to the perfect place to relax, unwind and fill your lungs with fresh air. Your home away from home.

Package 10

od 59,90€

Is a modern hotel with 161 rooms, which offers guests a relaxing and active vacation.

Package 11

od 68€

Spend the night in a genuine wooden wine barrel, a testament to Ptuj’s long wine-making tradition.

Package 12

od 70€

Inside the comfortable wooden cottages, which reflect the unique architecture of the real shepherds’ huts, the smell of wood, homeliness and the view through the windows will bring on the atmosphere of a true fairytale.

Package 13

od 75€

These farms offer family holidays in an authentic farm setting. 

Package 14

od 70€

Completely renovated boutique Ortus Residence is located in a beautiful and quiet location in the center of the seaside town of Ankaran only 250 m away from the sea and 5 km from the Italian town of Muggia

Package 15

od 30€

We are a family that grows with a story of homeliness, homemade and fresh ingredients, a kind word and a smile.

Package 16

od 31€

Guest house Planinski Dom Majerhold features a restaurant, bar, a shared lounge and garden in Solčava.

Package 17

od 50€

The area was known 100 years ago as a place to treat various lung diseases. Here we can relive the life of the nunnery of Poor Clares and Ursuline in a 700-year-old monastery.

Package 18

od 30€

We offer you 42 rooms, 2 rooms with Jacuzzi and 2 suites. In our restaurant you can find a rich culinary offer and the possibility to organize event.